What I see Is What You Get.

Sas Schilten ★ photography..

What I see Is What You Get.

★ sas schilten fotografie ★

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What I see is what you get ★ Sas Schilten (1969)

She is an engaged and social photographer with her roots in the ’80s DIY punkscene when she expressed herself by playing bassguitar in a touring band.

“We had our view on society then and actually nothing has changed much since…, I just use another instrument to give tongue to it.”

Although her images might give the impression to be staged, her approach is still true to documentary photography. With use of framing and flashlight her images appear as scenes from a strange reality. She hopes this gives the image the stopping power in the huge pile we consume everyday and that it will tickle a thought; … what am I actually looking at?
She wants to stress that images can be used in a powerful and manipulative way, hence it is important to be aware of the language images can speak.


  • september 2019 chosen as one of 3 runner-up images @magnumlearn #magnumheatwave competition
    See the winner and 3 runner-up images at Magnum
  • 14 november – 23 december 2018 – Gallerie Sehnsucht Rotterdam Winterreise: groepsexpositie 22 fotografen
  • 8 februari – 11 februari 2018 – RotterdamPhoto met het Social Animals collectief; TRUTH – FAKE
  • 9 februari – 12 februari 2017 – RotterdamPhoto Social Animals; groepsexpositie 5 fotografen
  • 18 januari – 15 februari 2017 – Cacaofabriek, Helmond Over Leven; duo-expositie met Mike Harris
  • nov 2016 – in de selectie van New Dutch Talent 2017
  • 23 juli – 7 aug 2016 – st. Olofskapel, Amsterdam Cafe ‘t Mandje – fun and respect since 1927
  • mei – juni 2016 – Cinemec, Utrecht eindexamenexpositie met GEAR15
  • 18 -21 dec 2015 Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam eindexamenexpositie met GEAR15
  • 21 nov – 15 mei 2016 Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam BEURS VAN BERLAGE IN 40 BEELDEN


  • Fotoacademie 2011-2015 – documentair fotograaf
  • masterclass beeldspraak – Ton Hendriks (2015)
  • 2 daagse workshop DIY storytelling – Rob Hornstra (2015)
  • 2daagse Workshop Risky Business (grantwriting) – Donald Weber (2016)
  • masterclass conceptueel portret – Rob Sas (2016)
  • Photography & Art direction – Tjade Bouma (Foto Academie Amsterdam) (2018)
Mijn foto’s kom je onder andere tegen bij HIVOS, Baltan Laboratories, STRPfestival, VPRO3voor12(tilburg), VPROmedialab, De Zelfkrant, Volkskrant Magazine, Volkskrant Sir Edmund, De Correspondent.

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